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The My Nu-book platform will cease its activities in the upcoming weeks.
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Q. What is a Nu-book?

My Nu-book account
Q. Why do I need to create an account?

My Nu-book tokens
Q. How do I active a token?
Q. When I enter my code on, I get an error message indicating that the code is invalid. What do I do?

Access an ebook with My Nu-book
Q. I do not have a device that is indicated on the My Nu-book label on my print book. Can I still access the digital version?
Q. Can I give my code to someone else, as though I was lending this person my print copy?
Q. I don’t want the digital version of my print book.
Q. I used my code to download a book on my tablet. I would also like to install it on my phone but when I enter the code, the access is denied.
Q. I deleted a book from the library and my code no longer works. How do I get my book?
Q. I changed my tablet due to a technical failure and unfortunately the code no longer works. Is it possible to reactivate it?